KDVS Fundraiser 2011

Thanks to everyone who donated on our fundraiser show for 2011! You all rock!

Here are some pics! Enjoy!

This is Pie #1!

Punk Roge had goggles on during the first pie, but he couldn’t see anything because they fogged up immediately!

Punk Roge proclaimed, “I have sprinkles in my belly button!”
Punk Roge’s ID Badge was collateral damage:

Pie number two!

Punk Roge next goes without the goggles!

Pie number three! Janie adds the dreaded Peep!

The revenge of the Peep!

Pie number four! This one is for JD!

JD takes one for the team!

Since all these pics were ones taken by Riot, we’ll have to see if anyone took a picture of Riot getting pied. Hopefully, updates to happen in the future.


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