mriots Radio: Punkin Pie Ahead in 2012


Thanksgiving is ahead. Man the Punkin pies! Get ready for some punk rock!
Punk Roge is out this weekend. Training DJs are in. Show them some love!

As always, requests are encouraged!

Help save the Internet:

Occupy Wall Street:

You can also Occupy Everying!

Whole lot of punk going on!

This weekend highlights:
* Stop All War!
* Protest and Survive!
* BP Sucks! Stop offshore drilling:
* Rock the free food! –> Food Not Bombs
* Neonate Web Site:
* Net Neutrality:
* New Punk Rock!
* Your Punk Rock requests!
* And so much more!


RIP Luigi’s in Davis.

nov 15 thr The Rezillos, The Phenomenautsat the Uptown, Oakland 21+ $13/$15 9pm *** @

FRI, NOV 30.7 Seconds + Kill the Precedent + Union Hearts + City of Vain + Lonely Kings.
Ace of Spades, 1417 R St. All ages.

dec  1 sat GREEN DAY at Memorial Auditorium, 1400 J Street, Sacramento
a/a *** @ $

SAT, DEC 15.
Corrosion of Conformity + Yob + Saviours.
Harlows, 2708 J St, 21+.

dec 21 fri Fang, Oppressed Logic, Zero Bull Shit, Fukm, Trouble Maker,
Guantanamo Dogpile, Nihilist Cunt, 2nd Class Citizens, Moerate Excess,
Gutwrench, The Quitters, Skin & Bonez, Crypt Keeper
at 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley a/a $12 12:21pm *** @
(End of the World Fest)

X + My Jerusalem @ Ace of Spades, 1417 R St. All ages.

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