mriots Radio: Anne Halo Hails The Summer Punk 2012


Anne Halo is holding down the fort while Punk Roge & M. Riots are in Oakland for the Fang (record release) show with Battalion of Saints and D.I.!

She’ll be playing a ridiculous amount of KDVS punk currents. Some of these are reissues and some are hot off the press. Don’t worry, there will be some old favorites sprinkled in. As always requests are encouraged!

Help save the Internet:

Occupy Wall Street:

You can also Occupy Everying!

Whole lot of punk going on!

This weekend highlights:
* Stop All War!
* Protest and Survive!
* BP Sucks! Stop offshore drilling:
* Rock the free food! –> Food Not Bombs
* Neonate Web Site:
* Net Neutrality:
* New Punk Rock!
* Your Punk Rock requests!
* And so much more!


jun 16 sat Battalion Of Saints, D.I., Fang (record release), Social Unrest,
Sat Boy Sinister, Highway Murderers, Dirty Filthy Mugs,
Guantanamo Dogile, Crooked As Fuck
at the Metro, Oakland a/a $12 7pm # *** @

jun 22 fri Stalag 13, Magrudergrind, Coke Dust, Media Blitz, Side Effects
at 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley a/a 8pm *** @ (Gnarmageddom Fest)

Happy Birthday to MC Escher!

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