mriots Radio: KDVS FUNdraiser 2012

M. Riots gets graffitied on his face for KDVS 90.3FM FUNdraiser 2012!!!

For every $200 donated, a DJ will draw on M. Riots!  Let the graffiti happen!

M. Riots needs to get marked up and KDVS needs your donation!

Special Guests:
* Miss Dot, The Pirate, and Mick Mucus will be on the phones.
* Stephanie ArseNick and JD in the studio!
* Other surprise guests are sure to show up!

Only you can make this happen by donating Saturday April 28 at midnight (right after Joe Frank).

Those who donate $100 or more using a credit card during the Neonate (Fighting For A Future) Fundraiser Show starting Saturday night April 28 at midnight will get a special art piece print (11″x17″ in color) done by M. Riots entitled “Daggers & Hearts”. This is on top of all the other goodies you will get.

Join in the craziness and fun while helping Punk Roge and M. Riots smash through their $666 first hour goal! Listen to KDVS 90.3FM Davis Saturday night at midnight right after Joe Frank!

Riot will fund-match every $100 up to $500.  That means every $100 will get doubled!  We can make the first hour $666 goal with your help!  We are trying to make the show goal of $1,500 for our 2 hour show!

You get great thank you gifts, host a 1 hour radio show for $100, have a dance party at your place with the KDVS Mobile DJ Unit for $100, get fantastic punk premium thank you gifts that include 5-7 CDs (some packages have vinyl), get a cool piece of art, and help one of the last truly great community radio stations in the world! Only YOU can help KDVS and April 23-29 is the one week out of the year to show your love and support for nonprofit freeform independent community radio!
* Online Pledges:
* Toll Free Pledge Line: 1-877-399-KDVS (5387)
* Local Pledge Line: (530) 754-KDVS (5387)
* FREE Goodie Bags when donating on Neonate (Fighting For A Future) with your credit card:
  :: The first 6 donors who donate $30 or more with their credit card will get a special goodie bag!
  :: The goodie bag includes a thumb-board (mini-skateboard), stickers, and Slingshot Organizer!
  :: You may request a small bound or large spiral bound Slingshot Organizer but there will be no guarantees you’ll get what you ask for.  Colors vary.
  :: When the goodie bags run out, you’ll still get a Slingshot Organizer up to 10 people!
  :: See what the organizers look like:
  :: The goodie bag is on top of everything else you get and will be sent out separately by M. Riots!
* Your donation is tax deductible!
* Stay up Saturday night, April 28, and pledge right after Joe Frank at midnight.
  Midnight – 2am Pacific Time for Neonate (Fighting For A Future) on KDVS 90.3FM Davis!
* Support Nonprofit Independent Freeform Community Radio all week long! KDVS 90.3FM Davis!
* Neonate (Fighting For A Future) Web Page:
* If all goes well, you can see us with live video on Yowie! Check out the KDVS front page:
* Help us raise over $1,500 during our 2 hour show!
* Station goal of $64,000.

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