mriots Radio: Neonate (Fighting For A Future) KDVS Fundraiser 2011 Show

FUNDRAISER SHOW!!! Call in and donate for Neonate (Fighting For A Future) and Punk Rock on KDVS!!!

Punk Roge takes pies to the face for your donations! Riot will put his head into a bucket of syrup, whipped cream, and all sorts of stuff if we make our goal of $1500!  JD will be in studio to take some pies to the face as well!

Donate $100 or more with your credit card and automatically get Riots new art piece.  You can see it in the image for our show.  This on top of anything else you pick out!

Donate here:

Riot is going to smash himself into this bucket full of goo and maybe chili powder if we reach our $1,500 goal!

Check out the art piece in the previous post!

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